About Waverly

waverlySignSmIn April of 1899 thirteen men met to discuss organizing a congregation. These men were of Norwegian descent and wanted a church where Norwegian was spoken. In June of 1901, it was decided to build the church, which was completed in 1902 and was known as Waverly Norwegian Lutheran Church.

The church bell in inscribed with “Unto thee, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, In Thee I trust”, Psalm 25:1-2. In 1902, Waverly Church was accepted into the United Norwegian Lutheran Church.

In the early years the Norwegian language prevailed. As time went on English became more frequently used. For many years English was preached for three Sundays and Norwegian was preached on the fourth Sunday. The Norwegian language was eventually eliminated, except for use at special communion services.alter

In 1949, Waverly purchased a beautiful electronic organ and in 1976 a seventy-pipe organ was purchased. In 1961, a grand piano was bequeathed to the church by Catherine Helvig.

church-oldThe white alter and rounded alter railing were built in 1902 with the picture of “Christ Praying in Gethsemene” A new alter was installed in 1976 with a picture “Christ’s Second Coming”.

The first hymnal used was the Psalm book, brought from Norway, which was in the Norwegian language, but was translated into English for those who did not speak Norwegian.

Waverly celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary in September of 1927; it’s 40th Anniversary in May of 1939; it’s 50th Anniversary in October of 1949; it’s 60th Anniversary in June of 1959; and it’s Centennial in 2001.