Cradle Roll


Waverly’s Cradle Roll begins at birth, when the parents receive a gift from the congregation, welcoming their new child to the church.

At baptism, the child receives baptismal towel from the congregation. Each year the child receives a birthday card from Waverly. When the child turns 3, they graduate to Sunday School, and  receive a special gift from the congregation. This recognition happens at a special worship service in the fall of each year.

Throughout the child’s life, even when they are very little, parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship. Waverly very much believes that children making “a joyful noise” are a delight, not a distraction. There are always willing hands in the next pew to help out a parent when you need a break during worship, and there are children’s bags available from the ushers to help keep them occupied and encourage learning during worship.