Worship Server Instructions

The Scripture Readings can be found in the previous weeks bulletin or check with Lisa at the Parish office. Lisa will automatically email the readings to any readers for whom she has an email address early in the week before they are scheduled, or you may click here for a copy of the lessons for each Sunday. On occasion the Scripture may change. Maybe arrive a few minutes early to check and, if need, to practice. (Send Lisa your email address.)

Arrive 10 minutes prior to start of worship. Check the Candlelighter for wick. Report a problem to the Usher. At 5 minutes before start of Worship or when music starts Light wick…go to step in front of altar…bow…light candles…turn and stop on floor…turn back toward altar…bow…place candlelighter on or under front pew. You may sit anywhere.

To extinguish: As the last hymn begins retrieve the candlelighter…during the last verse of the last hymn, after Pastor leaves…repeat the lighting procedure, but this time extinguish the candles.

On Communion Sunday’s: First and Last of month: Follow the Ushers as they bring the Offering to the Altar carrying the Chalice and Patten for communion. After they leave, approach the rail and hand the Chalice and Patten to the pastor. Turn and leave with no bowing this time.

Children’s Time Presenters
The lectionary is available on our website.  On your designated Sunday, please arrive early to check in with the Pastor before worship. Check to make sure there are children present, both downstairs and in the balcony.

If you have questions please contact someone on the Worship Committee (Laurie Sherman, Jodi Lueth, Kirsten Rabbe, Nancy Nordstrom, Rosemary Atzenhoefer, or either of the pastors.

Thanks again for being a part of our Waverly Worship Team!